Listing Builder System overview

What are listings?

Listings are where your business information is displayed on hundreds of directories, local maps, smartphone apps, and navigation systems. For example in Facebook, your phone number and address are displayed. In Google maps you want your business address, phone number, operating hours, insurances you take, and much more to display. 

The question is how do you get your business information onto hundreds of different smartphone apps, directories, maps, directories and more? That is where your listing builder system comes into play. It is an important tool to helping your practice locations be discovered in your local community.

The great thing with the Listing Builder System is that it does most of the work for you automatically and continuously protects your business information out on the internet from being changed (potentially by competitors). You mainly have to focus on completing and making any changes to your business profile, such as insurances, operating hours, etc.


Do I need Listing Builder for each location?

Yes, this very important. With internet directories, especially Google and Google My Business, they consider each location it's own entity. You must have a unique listing for each location in order for that location to have accurate address and phone number information for consumers.

YOU DO NEED TO COMPLETE THE BUSINESS PROFILE FOR EACH INDIVIDUAL LOCATION BUSINESS CENTER APP. This can be done easily from the main business center app dashboard for each location, on the left side bar, clicking on business profile. Then switching locations and completing for other locations.


There are three main components of the Listing Builder System:

  1. Your business profile
  2. Listing distribution system
  3. Listing sync pro + Yext




Your Listing Builder dashboard shows you at a glance, the completeness of your business profile, the my listing page visits, data provider accuracy, and number of major sites synching. 

On the navigation tabs you can get to the main areas:

  • Overview dashboard
  • Google insights
  • My listing
  • Listing Distribution
  • Listing Sync
  • Business Profile


Listing Builder System Setup

Your account manager will be helping to setup your Listing Builder System. It will be up to you to complete your business profile information for each location. The business profile setup is the same for all of your business center apps, and will continue through to reputation management and social media marketing systems. It is vital that you add all of your social accounts at the bottom of the business center profile.