Listing Builder System and local SEO

How can the Listing Builder system help my local SEO?

Imagine a patient searching for "physical therapist" in their area, finding you on the map, only to not find your website address, or even a wrong phone number. This happens very frequently! Listing Builder fixes these problems, and maintains your important data across the internet continuously.

Listing Builder is an important part of your website and business local SEO strategy. Here are just a few key ways Listing Builder works for you in the background on a consistent basis. Caution, if you stop using Listing Builder, your business information is open to changes by competitors and corruption of your business information over time.

  • Listing Builder helps your business information be consistent across hundreds of sites and apps. This is key to local SEO: search engines look for consistent information around the web (among other things) in presenting search results. 
  • Managing your business listing information is a process, meaning that the data needs to be managed over a long period of time for the sources to both trust and use the information provided. Think of it as a daily vitamin - not a quick fix.
  • Listing Distribution helps build a “Citation Effect” by having multiple internet directory sources use your same consistent business data. This continues to build after the first year, as new publishers go to these reputable data providers. Two primary positive outcomes occur:
    • Google’s WebCrawler finds the same information in multiple places and adds more confidence to your business data
    • Good backlinks are created, with more referring sources to your business’ website creating better SEO


Keywords and ranking best practices

Your digital marketing strategist will help you with optimization of your business profile for each location to focus on the main keywords you need to rank for. In addition, areas in the description, can provide opportunities for placement of rich keywords that help people find you for relevant diagnosis.

Areas to complete:

  • Description
  • Short description
  • SEO keywords
  • Share of voice keywords
  • Competitor names (helps you compare)