Navigating the reputation management system

What does the reputation management system do?

The best way to improve your online reputation is to gather as many online reviews as possible from different sources. Google, Facebook, and Yelp are the major review sites that you want to be on. The reputation management system allows you the opportunity to gather online reviews from patients via email, your website, and in the clinic. 

The reputation management system also allows you to filter out negative reviews while promoting positive reviews. You want to be able to capture negative feedback from patients, so that you can address them through the system, however, not allow the patient the option to spread further online, controlling your online reputation.

Finally, the reputation management system allows you a platform to easily view incoming reviews, respond to them and also tie in reporting as well as social mentions.


The reputation management system is compromised of the following sections on the main blue tab:

  • Overview dashboard
  • Listings (ties in with listing builder system)
  • Reviews
  • Mentions
  • Social
  • Competition
  • Reports




You will spend most of the time in the reviews section of the reputation management system. This dashboard allows you to see all of the reviews coming in for your practice location, where they were posted and gives you the ability to filter and even respond within the system for Google reviews. Click on the reviews tab in the blue bar at the top. You can then navigate to the main sections in the tabs below the Reviews title.

You will use the manage reviews and generate reviews tab to analyze and request reviews.

The review dashboard

Here you will be able to see the total number of reviews that have been submitted for that practice location, what is the average star rating, the word cloud (shows the common phrases used), individual reviews, and the ability to respond to the reviews.


How to generate email reviews

Use the generate reviews tab to access the email area. Here you can upload your list of patient emails you wish to send to. You can do one at a time, or upload a list of up to 500 people for bulk review requests. As a best practice we recommend you use only first name and email. Simply export from your EMR system, the list of patients first name and email into a csv format (excel), then click on the request bulk email reviews button, and follow the instructions to upload. 

The system will then send out an email requesting a review.


Change email content, grab review link and more in settings

You can edit the email template in the settings area (gear icon). Here you can grab and copy the link to your reputation system. You can use this in any email campaign you want to use. This is the URL that is tied to the review us button on your website and directs people into your reputation management system. 

To change copy on the patient review pages, simply update at the bottom of the page and click save. To change email content, click on the review request area edit email hyperlink next to the "my preferred sites" line. Ask your account manager for any assistance you may need in updating or sending out review requests.



Listing shows you an overview of the accuracy of your listings on different directories and review sites. If you are using listing sync pro + yext on our platinum and ultimate programs, you may say a listing sync in progress icon on sites that are synchronized. Other listings may have to be manually claimed. If you see a red x circle button, click on the "show possible matches" link on the listing to verify the information and then follow the directions to go to the listing site and manually claim your listing.

The more listings you can be on, the more accurate your information can be using the listing builder. In turn, this helps you with your local SEO and being discovered in your community. 

By clicking on "view data provider accuracy", this button will take you to the listing distribution system in the listing builder system. Here you can continue to update your business profile to synchronize with the 4 main internet data providers.

Here you can view your primary listings, listing score compared to industry average, and other citations tab, to view the number of citations to your business information.




Mentions is a part of the system that helps to monitor mentions about your clinic name and social profile on the internet. This allows you to join in on conversations that prospects and your customers are having about your practice. You can also perform specific mention searches.



Social ties in with your social media marketing center and gives you a snapshot of social activity. You can use the filters on the left to filter by social accounts. Use the statistics tab to see information about social performance. This is covered more in depth in your marketing analytics dashboard and the social media marketing center.



Competition allows you a snapshot view of your online voice compared to competitors you specify. This will analyze online mentions compared to different keywords being searched for in your area, then bring the data in for your analysis. The more complete you can set this up and also in your business profile, the more accurate the information being pulled. However, just a note that if you have a large brand practice in your area, that may be pulling more information from other sources, which could potentially skew the data in their favor. Edit the competitors and services on the blue hyperlink wording on the top right.